Name Darren Clifford Webb
Address 9 The Close
Town Grays
County Essex. RM16 2XU
Telephone +44 (0) 1375 374565
Company Web Site
Company E-Mail
Work Locations London: City ; West End ; Essex
Positions Designer ; Developer ; Team Leader ; Project Manager

Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio) From Mar 93MFC, ATL, STL, DAO, ODBC, ADO, COM, Threading
Microsoft Visual C# (Visual Studio) From Sep 06WPF, WCF
Borland Java J Builder From Sep 96J2EE (Enterprise Edition), J2SDK, JDBC
Microsoft Visual Basic From Jul 93OCX
Sybase From Feb 93Transact SQL
Oracle From Jun 97PL/SQL
SQL Server From Jan 95Transact SQL
MS Access From May 92Access Basic
Microsoft Excel From Mar 92Visual Basic For Applications, Macros
Scripting: DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, JSPFrom Aug 96Complete Web Site Development
Microsoft IIS (Index Server) From Sep 96Windows 2000 and Windows NT Platform
Apache/Jakarta/Tomcat Web ServerFrom Sep 00Windows 2000 and IBM AIX Unix Platform
IBM WebSphere From Sep 99IBM AIX Unix Platform

Background Applications
ToolsRational Rose, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Clearcase, Erwin
Business SkillsForeign Exchange, Options, Futures, Spreads, Swaps, FRA's, Caps Floors, Gilts Bonds
Preferred EnvironmentMicrosoft Visual C# / Microsoft Visual C++ / Borland Java J Builder / Visual Basic / Sybase / MS SqlServer
Preferred Environment Experienced in JavaScript UI web development architecture and techniques, including Expert in JavaScript coding, including frameworks such as AngularJS and NodeJS Good experience of various JavaScript libraries such as JQuery and D3 Good experience of web UI element design with HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap Knowledge of RESTFul service and JSON data format Experience in MVC architecture with dependency injection using RequireJS and client side templating Familiar with test driven development (TDD) methodology– Karma (Testacular) / Jasmine JS testing API Demonstrated ability to lead a development team, Financial services experience General Infrastructure knowledge of networks, middleware and database technologies Security and identity management challenges, specifically Kerberos ( and Active Directory Other Javascript frameworks such as knockout.js, backbone.js, underscore.js, knowledge of Microsoft .NET framework, C# programming language and Windows Communication Foundation Services,

Trading Systems
From January 1998 to date the primary focus has been the design and implementation of an internet electronic trading system supporting derivative products with delivery first by Citrx and then via the Web using Server Push.
The IPE sold a source code licence to Nymex who requested further development and a major correction to the project model.This required extensive complete project solutions from database backend SQL work via Unix Server Processes to front end Presentation Layer work using: Java, ASP, SQL, HTML, dHTML, C++, VB in a financial marketplace.
The latest version supports Visual C++; Java Swing and Javascript clients connecting via the Apache WebServer using Server Push.
The Server processes have been created in a scalable fashion both in terms of threading and multiple machine distribution.
The Database is vendor independent and has been ported between SQLServer, Sybase and Oracle.

Monetary, Credit and Equity Derivatives
From the summer of 1983 to the winter of 1988 I was very much involved with Lloyds Bank Plc. Treasury Division derivative products work.
During this period I worked with Professor Mark Garman to produce variation premia options on American and European instruments traded at the Liffe Exchange.
Subsequently at Swiss Bank Corporation (1993) and Credit Suisse Financial Products (1994) focused again on derivatives using the then popular Devon Trading System.
In 1995 at Credit Lyonnais I revisited derivative models this time focusing on equity derivative models
(exotics: lookback, barrier binary and rainbow).
In 1998 at the International Petroleum Exchange I oversaw the usage of options electronically (Black76 and John Cox - Stephen Ross - Mark Rubinstein).
In 2001 I advised the New York Mercantile Exchange, Manhattan that the application of a 'Whaley' derived model was inappropriate for Crack/Product Oil options (e.g. CrudeOil/HeatingOil) where as a three dimensional binomial tree was much more suitable.

Banking Degree 1981 to 1983
Accountancy, Economics, Finance of International Trade
Law Relating to Banking, Investment, Nature of Management

A Levels 1977 to 1979
Applied Economics [C], Economics[B], Pure Mathematics[A]

Ten O Levels and CSE Grade 1 1975 to 1978
Mathematics [A] ; English Language [A] ; English Literature [A]
British Constitution [A] ; Physics [C] ; Economics [C]
Statistics [C] ; Sociology [B]
Physics [1] ; Commerce [1] ; French [1]

New York Mercantile Exchange, Manhattan
The Exchange is responsible for
Oil, Gas and Electric, Futures, Options, Spreads and Swap Trading
06-Sep-1999 To 04-Jun-2007
Architect/Designer (Full life cycle project), Team Leader and Developer
Windows 2000 / N.T. Server / N.T. Workstation / IBM Unix AIX / Citrix Web Server / Apache Web Server
Borland Java J Builder(J2EE), Visual C++: MFC, ATL, STL. RougeWave Objective Grid / AIX C / TransactSQL
Java Server Pages, dHTML, Active Server Pages
OO Design
Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process for Rapid Application Development
Sybase 11 ( DBlib ), MS SQL Server, ODBC, ADO, OLE DB, JDBC
Microsoft: SourceSafe, Office 2000: Excel (VBA), Word, Access. Clearcase
Tolarian (Smart Sockets); Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

See 'Internet Trading System' for the latest ETS paradigm (ETS 2002)
To design and implement an Internet Electronic Trading System for the Futures, Spreads, Swaps, Options and Product Cracks Commodity markets

The system utilises object-orientated analysis and design techniques in a C++ and Java environment
Proprietary message orientated middleware to deliver multi-tier, distributed solutions running on both NT and Unix platforms
The primary GUI Client consisted of a Visual C++ MFC based Multiple Document Interface application,
exploiting MFC Threading using the support technologies such as COM and ATL, with Stingray (RougeWave) Objective Grid at its core, connecting to IBM AIX Unix Servers written largely in C++.
The middleware tier consists of low-level message wrapper classes that pass updates to the core API object (ATL/STL)
business lists that in turn pass the abstracted data from the API DLL to the GUI presentation layer as an object.
The essence of the design is a sophisticated implementation of the MFC method: UpdateAllViews().
Additional support provided for the IBM Web Sphere : Price Display Client written in Java and HTML

Project Roles
  • To finalise the business analysis functional specification documents for the development team.
  • To produce and design the Application components (NT and Unix)
  • To create the primary GUI within the MFC Framework utilising Objective Grid (RogueWave)
  • To train developers to work within the model design
  • To revise the AIX Server Processes Model
  • To evolve the Trading System into a complete Internet Trading System
  • To provide optimised Transact SQL in a Sybase environment
  • To provide escalation support for the traders and liaise with them during the development phase

  • Unix Server Processes
  • Central Server responsible for marshalling the messages.
  • SqlGenerator responsible for producing a flat file of TransactSQL.
  • Corporate Database Loader responsible for reading the flat file and writing to a Sybase 11 database.
  • Central Matching Engine responsible for account credit checking, order matching and trade creation.
  • Daily Cycle Controller to manipulate the market status.
  • Message Replay Service to interactively query the database in the context of electronic trading.
  • Back Office Information Loader to distribute any post open market data updates.
  • Central Time Server to inform the Server Processes and remote clients of current market time.

  • These Unix Processes were enhanced as part of a collective team effort under my direction.
    Ancillary GUI applications such as Back Office Interface and Price Reporting Service Interface (with ITC2 Format)
    used the middleware API to further distribute Market, Order and Trade information to external services (such as Reuters)

    The subsequent release of the product on Friday 14th September 2001 was via the Citrix Web Server and Client methodology over the internet.
    (10 WebServers 8 processors per server and 2000 licenses) and an upgrade to Tolarian Smart Sockets.
    The Java and Win32 model employed is online at

    Additional support provided for the IBM WebSphere : Price Display Client written in Java and HTML.
    Supplied the traders with various additional sophisticated derivative model pricing spreadsheets (see Pricing Tools below).

    Java (J2EE) Upgrade To Trading System
    A reasonable Unix to NT port of these C/C++ Servers allows for a standalone demonstration of the major component suite.
    Remote contract works in 2002 allowed the opportunity to create a web browser trading client running under the Apache Web Server (JSP usage) with Java J2EE components (Servlets, EJB) as middleware, which connects to the primary servers as a "TSI Service".
    It is possible to show the vanilla Visual C++ Win32 Client running side-by-side with any of:
    (a) Java Jar application, (b) Java Jar applet or (c) Java Script Client.
    The Java Jar application Client using Swing has a comparable speed performance compared to the native Win32 Client.
    The Java (J2EE) middleware is essentially part of a 'n-tier' project that can be used as Client/Server.

    Internet Trading System and Development Services. A Java Technical Solution Using Server Push
    Customer (Nymex) requirement implemented in 2002
    To design and implement a Web Trading Services for Traders in the Oil, Gas, Metal and Electric Market for Futures, Options, Spreads, Cracks, Swaps.
    The primary goal was to release the Exchange from am expensive paradigm of middleware Citrix Servers and Citirx Client licenses. Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
    Continuation of support for the existing Citirx Web Servers running under Windows 2000 and connecting to IBM Unix AIX Server.
    To provide a Web server design connecting to Java Middleware (Borland J Builder) connecting to remote clients
    via HTTP Refresh and direct applet to JavaScript socket connectivity.
    To ensure inter-operability with the existing three tier paradigm
    Java Server Pages (JSP) within the context of the Apache Web Server
  • Scripting of 'Dialog' and 'View' pages to provide similar functionality compared to the existing Nymex Win32 Client.

  • Authentication Scripts, such as Trader Rights to selected Contracts.

  • Application design (exploiting the 'n' tier approach) - exploiting the Java Middleware Business Objects.

  • Development of web front ends for existing support tables within the trading database.
  • Java
  • To produce the middleware business objects that closely relate to the existing in-House IDL messaging service. Essentially utilising J2EE technology.

  • To produce these objects in a Component collection Model

  • To utilise these objects in the context of the Apache Web Server

  • To create a parallel Java Jar Application of comparable speed to the existing Win32 Client

  • To support the Talarian Message Protocol (Smart Sockets)
  • JavaScript
  • Coupled with DHTML to provide flexibility with page layout, for instance forms that collapse or expand to show relevant fields, depending on the actions of the user.

  • User triggered dynamic features such as pop-up windows providing additional information or help, where appropriate.

  • Include files to reduce maintenance time and build flexibility into content pages, such as cascading style sheet includes, and navigation bars and the dHTML drop down menu.

  • Dynamic Javascript Windows using 'IFRAME' (See for an example)
  • XML
  • To create node documents for maintaining the support tables via programmatic manipulation of XML documents.

  • Utilising databinding as a means of interfacing with business data in the database.
  • SQL
  • Extensive as required Transact SQL Query writing.

  • Housekeeping TransactSQL advice for the Sybase 11 DBA's.
  • Advisory and consultation services
  • Technical Advisor for internet trading systems over the web.

  • Technical evaluation and project management of web application design.

  • Sample Monetary Derivative Pricing Tools (various languages: C++, Java, VB)
  • Vanilla Black-Scholes (1973) for Stock Options

  • Various Equity Derivative Models

  • Cox-Ross-Rubinstein Binomial Model for American Currency Options

  • Trinomial Model for Oil ( Product / Cracks ) Nymex Exchange Usage

  • Bond Pricing (including European Swaption Caps)
  • Price Models
    Products - Written in Visual Basic For Applications with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
    Small Company Cut Red Tape Software
  • Annual Pay Slip Summary. Simple Self Assessment Taxation Summary to cover salaries and dividends.

  • Forms: P14/P60, P35, P11, P11d and Company Resolution and Dividend Output

    Products - Written in Microsoft Active Server Pages using Internet Information Server
    Small Company Shopping Cart
  • Products are available from our WebSite listed from a Server.CreateObject('ADODB.Recordset').
  • Sends the customer order detail and software (zip file) via email using Server.CreateObject('CDONTS.Newmail').
  • Notifies Montego Data Limited of the sale by the same methodology.
  • Visit for a demonstration using CreditCard: 0000 0000 0000 0000

  • Permanent History 2005 to 2009
    Thurrock Technical College
    Woodview,Grays. RM16 2YR
    March 2009 to July 2011
    Work with business and IT stakeholders to define the scope for the next phase of the LOUIS project.
    Work with IT and business stakeholders to organise project requirements for delivery.
    Produce project definition documentation such as PID and ToR for senior stakeholder review.
    Line management of Business Project team.Work with BAs and the business to provide requirements clarification to IT colleagues as required.
    Work with IT colleagues to produce a solution design for agreement with the business stakeholders.
    Provide direction for the IT team on priorities for build and test effort.
    Management of Risks, Issues, Assumptions and Dependencies, including the escalation process.
    Produce accurate weekly status updates for communication to project team, management, stakeholders and governance forums

    Company Dates Products Duties
    RainDrop Systems 01Aug07 31Jan08 Borland Java JavaScript Produced Dynamic Data Capture for a commercial property management system
    International Petroleum Exchange 25Jan98 / 27Aug99 Microsoft Visual C++ Sybase 11 IBM AIX Unix Rational Rose Ported Options Data Feed Application To MSVC5
    To design and implement an Electronic Trading System for the energy market (Options/Futures/Spreads on Commodities) The Client/Server Model utilised Sybase 11 on an AIX Unix Server connected to a Visual C++ GUI Front End (used this Stingray based Client in Manhattan for Nymex). The Back End consisted of a number of component processes that messaged via Sockets.
    Pan Canadian Calgary Alberta 25Jun97 / 30Sep97 Microsoft Visual Basic GUI Application Supporting Chart Reading data via the parallel port to calculate Gas Flow Volume Calculations. Oracle Database and SQL Procedures (PL/SQL).
    General Electric Information Services 27Aug96 / 20Jun97 Microsoft Visual C++
    Microsoft Visual J++
    Secure Financial (domestic and foreign exchange) Payments. To provide secure payments in an EDI Environment Intranet development HTML and Java Applets Created NT Services in Visual C++ The development centered on MFC, DAO, Threads in a Win32 environment.
    National Westminster Bank 22Jun95 / 31Jul96 Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Basic
    Microsoft VB for Applications(Access)
    Customer Service Database for International Business Centres. GUI Interface for SQL Server, created stored procedures for the product. Rollout Site Data Capture applicationsCompliance Reports using Transact SQL and Word Ole Automation.Financial Transactions, provided NT Services via a Messaging Framework
    Credit Lyonnais 09-Jan-95 / 06-Apr-95 Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Basic
    Excel Word SQL Server
    Front / Middle Office Migration to Windows N.T. of the Equity Derivatives Group. Provided replacement applications and 32-bit translations. Brief work with the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol 3.0
    British Telecom 22-Aug-94 / 06-Jan-95 Visual Basic Access Excel Word To develop Office Automation utilities in VB for a new network of 700 PC's in 4 locations using 8 Novell servers
    B & C. E. 03-May-94 / 08-Jul-94 Visual Basic Access Excel Word To train a team of six Cobol programmers to use the Microsoft Office and Visual programming languages
    Credit Suisse Financial Products 06-Sep-93 / 04-Mar-94 Visual C++ Excel Devon Devon and General Application Support. General Windows C++ Application maintenance and development (Futures,Options,Swaps,Bonds)
    Abbey National Plc 19-Jul-93 / 03-Sep-93 Visual C/C++ Visual Basic Back-End functionality using Codebase for a Visual Basic Front End Produced Transaction/Rollback for Clipper
    Swiss Bank Corporation 01-Feb-93 / 30-Apr-93 Visual C/C++ Devon Devon and General Application Support. General Windows C++ Application maintenance and development on Futures,Options software
    General Portfolio 22-Jun-92 / 25-Sep-92 Watcom C Create data entry for a Graphical User Interface Library
    Intra City Technologies 25-May-92 / 19-Jun-92 Microsoft C, Microsoft SDK Fixed period Contract to produce a Job Agency System
    Thamesway 23-Mar-92 / 19-May-92 Microsoft Excel Design and Create an Application for Trade Capture of 'Equity Program Trades' using XLA Templates and VBA

    Lloyds Bank Plc.,
    25 Monument Street,
    London. EC3P 3AB
    August 1979 to December 1991
    These twelve years were effectively an apprenticeship in Treasury (Investment) Banking.
    Initially from a Business Skills perspective gaining knowledge of monetary derivatives
    (FX, Options, Futures, Spreads, Swaps and Bonds)
    From 1984 the role changed to software programming (dBase/Clipper/QuickBasic/C)
    In 1986 work was under taken to produce Currency and Futures Options Models with Mark Garman
    in Microsoft C ( see Garman and Kohlhagen (1983) and )
    In summary:
    Five years of acquiring Treasury Investment Banking Business knowledge
    Seven years of applying that knowledge as computer programmes.
    The final role on leaving was a Senior Software Developer.

    Work Related Courses Topic Dates
    LIFFE Exchange Futures and Options June 1983
    Aston Tate Programming with dBASEIIIJuly 1983
    Q.A. Training Course Advanced C April 1987
    Ingres Training CourseModules I, II, III October 1990