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Darren Webb
Development Team
Montego Data Limited
February 2005

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Montego Data Limited CompanyRegistration Number 5287029
Incorporated on 15 Nov 2004

Cash Date Units Unit PriceValue P&L FTSE 100
30,906.3913-Dec-20017469.8664.137475 30,906.39  5120.0
  13-Jan-20027469.2164.079300 30,469.17    
  13-Feb-20027468.8884.019300 30,018.20    
  13-Mar-20027468.5714.171500 31,155.14   5272.0
  13-Apr-20027468.2514.114300 30,726.62    
  13-May-20027467.9274.084500 30,502.74    
  13-Jun-20027467.5903.917800 29,256.52    
  13-Jul-20027467.2193.556500 26,557.16   4224.1
  13-Aug-20027466.8403.483500 26,010.73    
  13-Sep-20027466.4543.414800 25,496.44    
  15-Oct-20027466.0543.334000 24,895.56 (6,010.83)[-19.44%]4130.3
  13-Nov-20027465.6593.343000 24,957.69   
  31-Jul-20037520.8013.462000 26,036.25   
22,946.97 13-Dec-20015546.1284.137475 22,946.97   5120.0
  15-Oct-20025542.3163.334000 18,480.85 (4,466.12)[-19.46%]4130.3

The following URL will, after a fresh selection supply the FTSE 100

It is little wonder that final salary schemes are folding, when the so called professionals cannot manage funds.
In actual fact our provider has done worse than simply putting the fund in the FTSE 100

We advise Small Companies to consider managing your own pensions, for example surely during a bear market,
bonds are better than equities.
Please note that the headline corporation tax rate applies to dividend income,
a measure introduced by the Labour Government 1997-2001.
This 5 billion a year tax take has had a major effect which should be viewed against shrinking share values of the last three years (99/02)