The purpose of the task functions are to keep the group working on the task or project at hand ... getting the group work done.
    Initiating: Proposing tasks or goals.
    Defining a group problem.
    suggesting a procedure or ideas for solving a problem.
    Information Or Opinion Seeking:Requesting facts.
    Seeking relevant information about group concern.
    Asking for suggestions or ideas.
    Information Or Opinion Giving: Stating a belief.
    Providing relevant information about group concern.
    Giving suggestions or ideas.
    Clarifying: Elaborating, interpreting or reflecting ideas and suggestions.
    Clearing up confusions.
    Indicating alternatives and issues before the group.
    Giving examples.
    Summarizing: Pulling together related ideas.
    Restating suggestions after group has discussed them.
    Offering a decision or conclusion for the group to accept or reject.
    Consensus Testing:Sending up "trial balloons" to see if a group is nearing a conclusion.
    Checking with group to see how much agreement has been reached.
    The purpose of the group relations functions are to maintain constructive group relations among the members and to keep diverse individuals working together as a team.
    This means dealing with individual and group feelings and attitudes which may prevent the progress of the group towards its goals.
    Encouraging: Being friendly, warm and responsive to others.
    Accepting others and their contributions.
    Regarding others by giving them an opportunity for recognition.
    Expressing Group Feelings:Sensing feeling, mood, relationships within the group.
    Sharing one's own feelings with other members.
    Harmonizing: Attempting to reconcile disagreements.
    Reducing tension.
    Getting people to explore their differences.
    Modifying: When his own idea or status is involved in a conflict, offering to modify his own position.
    Admitting error.
    Disciplining oneself to maintain group cohesion.
    Gate-Keeping: Attempting to keep communication channels open.
    Facilitating the participation of others.
    Suggesting procedures for sharing opportunity to discuss group problems.
    Evaluating: Evaluating group functioning and production.
    Expressing standards for group to achieve.
    Measuring results.
    Evaluating degree of group commitment.