Job Title: Project Leader
Reporting to the Senior Project Leader of Documentation and Modularisation projects
Job Description:
Prepare detailed project plans for the development and system test of customer transactions systems projects
and contribute to the overall [Corporate] plan, highlighting dependencies to other projects.

Manage single or multiple teams charged with the development and system test of a part of major release.
To ensure that it is "fit for purpose" and is delivered to specified quality, budget and time scales.

Monitor and control assigned budgets and targets providing early warning of exception conditions
and taking remedial action as appropriate.

Plan for, and manage, the handover to Integration Testing and Business Acceptance Testing and Implementation
to ensure successful progress to implementation.

Establish and maintain good working relationships with other Customer Transaction managers and liaise
with other development and support areas to ensure successful end to end delivery.

Contribute to the establishment and promotion of a culture which promotes quality of work,
service orientation and flexibility, through influencing attitudes,
utilising industry best practices and ensuring the continual review and improvement of processes.

Develop and motivate staff in order to establish and maintain a high calibre workforce that is able
to meet the challenging performance targets whilst producing high quality work.
Building a fully integrated and motivated team of multi-disciplined staff is a key requirement.

Assure the quality of work produced in development, ensuring that business practices and technical standards
are adhered to and quality products delivered to specified standards.

Monitor project progress, regularly report on progress, identify and action potential stoppers and issues.

Academic/Technical Qualifications: None required, but must be of degree level academic capability

Specialist/technical knowledge, Skills or Aptitude: [ PLATFORM ] Demonstrate ability to adapt to this technical environment

Experience, Abilities and Judgement:
At least one year's experience in team leading in a systems or process-orientated environment
Produced high quality work to tight deadlines
Good analytical abilities, with an enquiring mind and a thorough, persevering nature
Ability to understand the basic components of a complex system design
Good verbal and written communication skills
Worked on a major information systems implementation
Had exposure to system design, build and/or system test at first hand, preferably as a designer/coder/test executor.

Job Title: Senior Technical Analyst
Start Date: ASAP


As a self-motivated individual, within the newly created e-Business Unit (e-Bu), you will be responsible for assisting with development and maintenance of the technical analysis function for e-commerce and legacy projects.
E-Buís remit is to drive the programme of e-commerce projects and to build the capabilities to rapidly deliver e-commerce applications.
As part of this team, you may be involved in establishing standards and processes for analysis that integrate with the wider project lifecycle by working with other E-Bu Technology staff (e.g. Development, Testing, Operations).
One of the early tasks will be assistance in embedding these standards and processes into not only the E-Bu but also the existing IT function before moving on to working on the programme as a key Technical Analyst.

Key Responsibilities

To :
  1. Assist in the development of Quality Standards for business/technical analysis
  2. Ensure conformance and flexibility where necessary to standards set out in the overall project lifecycle
  3. Establish relationships with the existing IT and business functions to enable these processes to be successfully adopted
  4. High level and detailed technical analysis as part of the E-Bu programme of projects in order to propose, design and document systems solutions that meet the business requirements
  5. Knowledge transfer to permanent team

Key Knowledge and Skills

  1. Over 3 years experience in a project environment
  2. Experience of working as part of a large multi-skilled project team
  3. In depth knowledge of e-commerce
  4. Experience of using a variety of structured techniques in requirements gathering and systems modelling (e.g. UML/RAD)
  5. Excellent Technical skills
  6. A working knowledge of DSDM
  7. Proven deliveries within formal and less structured environments

Key Competencies

  1. Analysis and decision making
  2. Listening and Communications skills - both verbally and in writing
  3. Excellent planning and control skills
  4. Broad business and commercial awareness
  5. Continuous learning - keeping track of the latest developments in business/technical analysis
  6. People development through coaching and mentoring
  7. Relationship building at all levels
  8. Intuition and Influencing
  9. Open to and an advocate of change without being dogmatic - able to extract the value from alternative views and approaches
  10. Influential and persuasive at all levels
  11. Adopts a flexible working style
  12. Delivery focussed

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Flash Java JavaScript JScript  
MS IIS MSMQ Oracle or Sybase    
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