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The 'Project Logs' display the "Design,Change,Defect,Ideas,System" project logging categorisation as Tabs.
The Selection Project Logs from the Menu Tree displays the log system in one Web Page.
The 'Tab Widget' JavaScript Window uses the /DynamicTab/TabWidget.htm with query-string parameters. Firstly a simple form is loaded as the initial tab, that form is then shown partially over three tabs. Secondly another form is loaded in the final tab. In the cases of form splitting a tree menu is not shown, tree menu display is optional.
Finally this JS Window binds to the click Menu System under Options. (but does not bind to the Trading System Callback).
This <div> uses a class: ".popOut { position: absolute; visibility: hidden; border: 1px outset green;background-color: THISTLE;}". The div is inside a td in a vanilla table. The menusystem.css is also included as is Sample1.css. Look at the right hand side of this display and see when the words wrap and move onto the next line. Test: Open say Search Site and drag beyond vertical page size. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z.
["f1.htm", "../FrameWest/treeMain.htm", "Basic Form", "54", "y", "30", ""],
["f1.htm",  "", "Split Form Page One",  "100", "n", "", "FNAME¦EQUIPMENT¦CHAPTERS"],
["",        "", "Form Page Two",        "100", "n", "", "MUSIC¦SPORT¦TRAVEL¦DETAILS¦PASSWORD"],
["",        "", "Form Page Three",      "100", "n", "", "R1¦R2¦R3¦R4¦COMMENT"],
["contentScroll.htm", "../FrameWest/treeMain.htm", "User Form", "54", "n", "30", ""]
This is a jQuery Menu/Accordian that uses a Knockout View Model
["PageWriter", "../Manual/pageWriter.html", "Div03", ""],
Typical with Knockout View Models is to separate (a) the model (b) the data and of course (c) minimise code in the html mark up
["Manual/Northwind/KnockOut.html ShopName", "../Manual/modelKnockOut.html?JSW=ShopName", "Div04", ""],
This KnockOut! sample shows two examples of ko.applyBindings(viewModel)
ko.applyBindings(vm, document.getElementById("FindAndEdit"));
var aCart = new Cart();
ko.applyBindings( aCart, document.getElementById("CartEditor") );

["Manual/sampleCartEditor.htm ShopName", "../Manual/sampleCartEditor.htm?JSW=ShopName", "Div05", ""],
This shows a Knockout viewModel (the data is Northwind hardwired in the code)
The main point is to show a value data-bind of an observable
that can be saved by JSON.stringify(ko.toJS(viewModel), null, 2)

["Manual/showNorthWind.htm", "../Manual/showNorthWind.htm", "Div06", ""],
This sample goes one stage further than Northwind Knockout ViewModel
by reading the ViewModel from the Database.

["NorthWind KnockOut dbServer", "../Category/KnockOut", "Div07", ""],
Table sorting with a jQuery PlugIn
["jQuery: Table Sorting", "../Manual/TableSorter.html", "Div08", ""],
SignalR can run under various hosts, it is possible to have a SignalR Hub with XAML for example.
The point of SignalR is a shared Web Page Experience.
Either Open Two Browsers Or Two JSWindows which has the same effect.
["SignalR: MoveShape", "../MoveShape/MoveShape.html", "Div09", ""],
SignalR requires: Windows Server 2008R2 | Windows Server 2012 | Windows 8 ; FrameWork 4.0 (inplace 4.5) ;
Internet Explorer 10 | Google Crome | Opera.
In Model,View,Controller terms the Hub is a Controller but you can use a Hub within a WebApi.
["Holding Table", "../MoveShape/Holding.html", "Div10", ""],
["Server Variables", "../WebForms/Site.aspx", "Div11", ""],
["ASP Control: Server Files List", "../WebForms/ControlServerFiles.aspx?w=../dynamicTab/&e=Y", "Div12", ""],
["ASP Control: Server Tree Loader", "../WebForms/ServerFiles.aspx?w=../Brochure/&e=Y", "Div13", ""],
'WaterFall' Is an introduction page to Project Management,
The WaterFall Process is then compared to the preferred Iterative Process
["WaterFall and Iterative", "../Educate/Leading/waterfall.htm", "Div14", ""],
'Java Jar Options Pricing' This loads a Web Page that is a container
a Java Jar File that prices a range of derivative options.
Select the File Menu to pick model in an mdi child window.
["Java Jar Options Pricing", "../Educate/Pricing/Derivative.html", "Div15", ""],
["Content Home Page", "../startPage.html", "Div16", ""],
  1. IT professional, software developer, architect, designer, teamleading,
  2. visual c++, java, javascript, visual c#,
  3. ASP.NET .NET MVC 3 Web API Razor HTML5 CSS3 WCF SQL jQuery knockout AJAX SignalR
  4. options, bonds, swaps, futures, derivatives, monetary, credit, equity, fixed income
["Darren Webb [Resume]", "../Brochure/cv.htm", "Div17", ""],
'Montego Data Store Shop' This is an aspx simple shopping cart.
Sends a zip file to the email address and 'staff'.
Writes the 'Order' to the database.
["Montego Data Store Shop", "../shopCart/showCart.aspx", "Div18", ""],
["MontegoData", "http://www.montegodata.co.uk/", "Div19", ""]
["UserForm", "../dynamicTab/WinPass.html", "Div20",""],