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The programming is highly generic where a JSP or ASP Server is responsible for calling the placeholder TabWidget.htm
with an argument structure that names a javacript file which contains a javacript array.
The TabWidget then dynamically includes this javascript source.
The jstab.js follows the rules of the array to create an iframe per page and optionally a tree with each page.
In the event of creating a tree a parameter exists to define whether the tree should launch a window
or change the page bound to the tree.
This is shown under "Explore Pages" with the selections "Main" or "Help" page.
The design also supports one page shared over tabs typical of the wizard data collections.
Finally javascript windows can also bind to menu structure which is the setting for the sample.
If you wish to see this Frame layout as Tabbed JavaScript Windows (target=_top).
Or inside of this Frame Tabbed JavaScript Windows.
Vanilla JSTabWindow contenthome6  ../Leading/contentProject.htm
Showing Software Articles
From Definitions to Pricing for Credit Derivatives including credit play replicating models
The Monetary Derivatives market is mature, this Glossary has the major key words
Confused by the Greeks? See these Option Terms and something of quant theory.
So what happens when you pull it all together: Complex Swaps covers the detail.
Study the formula for the first principle of FX Forwards that is an arbitrage free market.
Enterprise Java Beans Tutor
Showing Life On The Telephone
It is said the SAS have anti-interrogation techniques which you could apply to one of the toughest tests of nerve in modern life - telephoning a customer services call centre.
Equally urban bushcraft or common sense experience comes to mind.
  1. SAS: Accept the situation you are in. You are likely to suffer and it will be a long process.
    Urban Bushman: Do not be put off by the muzak and recorded messages. Resolve to see you money-back mission through.
  2. SAS: Keep your mental integrity. It is the one thing you can control.
    Urban Bushman: Do not ever say: 'Actually it is fine, I am probably just being fussy'.
  3. SAS: Never get aggressive or stand out.
    Urban Bushman: Do not be rude or snippy, keep the moral high ground.
  4. SAS: Beware of a switch to softer tactics. This is designed to make you talk.
    Urban Bushman: If they start calling you 'sir' and offering apologies from the manager, stick to your demands.
  5. SAS: Overplay any injuries they cause you, even cry.
    Urban Bushman: Maintain your outrage at every stage. Make sure they know how inconvient this is to you.
  6. SAS: Use eye-to-eye contact. Make them identify with you.
    Urban Bushman: Get the name of the representative you are dealing with and use it. A personal element can work where all else fails.
  7. SAS: Plan ahead and be ready to react if things change.
    Urban Bushman: Be ready for them to make a token offer, reject your complaint or refer you to head office. Do not let them surprise you into agreeing anything.
Showing Abdominal Exercise Article
By thousands of sit-ups daily, abs are the most abused group of muscles on the body.
People abuse them trying to bring themselves into shape. But they don't know that abdominal muscles are skeletal muscles like any other on the body.
Because of their function and position, they are more involved in body activities than other muscles,
but that does not mean they can be brought into shape if they are exposed to training everyday. Read More ...
Company Small Business
These are the must do activities for the Inland Revenue
  • Calendar Works
  • Company Duties
  • Company Dividends
  • Director's Responsibility

  • Most Small Business's have a limited role for a Company Secretary. Legally, however the Secretary has extensive tasks.
    Company Secretary
    Companies House now support all of the form requirements for an active company online which helps to reduce hardcopy paperwork. A lecture on the application of the Personal Services Legislation
    A member funded lobby group to support the needs of Contractors
    Professional Contractors Group (PCG)
    Cut Red Tape
    Showing General Articles
    The Big Five Of Africa are the: Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Rhinoceros and Water Buffalo. It is possible to see all five in East Africa, for example Kenya has extensive African Wildlife.
    A little light relief with after hours humour:
    Some of these jokes are not suitable for young children

    Watch a thousand years of history pass before your eyes in seconds!
    The British Monarchy From 1066

    Is there anybody out there?. Probably not.
    Even at the speed of light we have little chance of even reaching the next Galaxy in a human lifetime.
    Since we have been sending signals into space for the last fifty years it is clear that nobody within twenty five light years are aware of our presense.
    The Planets of the Solar System
    Wild woods are not everyone's favourite places Perhaps we turn against the scenes of Childhood adventures
    The Forests of England
    Showing Company Contracts
    There are times when a company may wish to trade using a simple
    but effective set of conditions. Montego has used the following for some of its short term purchases
    Typical Purchase Order Terms
    Terms and Conditions For Professional Services
    S318 of the Companies Act 1985 which requires service contracts for directors to be available for inspection,
    but that does not mean that every director must have a contract,
    it means that if he has a contract it (or a memorandum giving it's terms) must be available.
    Director's Service Agreement
    External Links
    Free To Advertisers CornerClicking on the links places the site in this frame, assuming the link is live.
    Software Download
    Freeware and shareware software.
    Instant downloads. Affiliate Dialer

    The Software Stop (UK)
    Aggressive pricing on 5000 of the
    leading software brands. Buy now.

    Royalty Free .NET Code
    Get professional C# & VB.NET source
    code from Total .NET SourceBook

    Use The Latest Message Prototols
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    Showing Patching Visual C++ 6.0 File Open Error
    Launching the Open File dialog box in Visual C++ using the keyboard shortcut key (Ctrl-O) or from the File menu results in the following error:
    Access Violation (0xC0000005) in DEVSHL.DLL at 0x5003eaed.
    DevShl.Dll referenced memory at 0x0000000. The memory could not be read.
    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition when used with Vista can be corrected by this Add-In
    I am very grateful to Microsoft for this patch

    FileTool.exe Replaces the Open and Add-to-Project Features in Visual C++
    which can be found at: FileTool.exe

    Installing the Add-In
    1. In Visual C++, click Customize from the Tools menu.
    2. In the Customize dialog box, click the Add-Ins and Macro Files tab.
    3. Click the Browse button and locate the FileTool.dll.
    4. Click OK to save the settings.
    A toolbar for the two commands appears.
    Removing Shortcut KeysAfter you load the add-in, you can remove the shortcut keys for the menu items that stop Visual C++ and assign them to the two add-in commands by following the steps below:
    1. From the Visual C++ Tools menu, click Customize.
    2. In the Customize dialog box, click the Keyboard tab.
    3. From the Category box select File.
    4. In the Commands window, select FileOpen.
    5. In the Current keys window, select the CTRL+O entry and then click Remove.
    6. From the Category box select Project.
    7. In the Commands window, select InsertFilesIntoProject. If there is a shortcut associated with it, follow step 5 to remove it. By default there is no shortcut key for this item.
    8. From the Category box select Add-Ins.
    9. The two add-in commands AddFileToProject and OpenFile appear in the Commands window.
    10. Select OpenFile then put the cursor in the Press New Shortcut Key box, press the shortcut key or key combination that you want, and click Assign.
    You may also wish to remove the menu commands and insert the AddIn commands in their place. To insert the new AddIn commands in the MenuBar, use the following steps:
    1. From the Visual C++ Tools menu, click Customize.
    2. Click the File menu and then drag the Open command off of the File popup and release it.
    3. Click the Project menu, click Add To Project and then drag the Files command off of the popup and release it.
    4. In the Customize dialog box, select the Commands tab.
    5. Select Add-ins from the Category list box.
    6. Drag the OpenFile command to the File menu and drop it in the space vacated by the Open command.
    7. Drag the AddFileToProject command to the Add To Project item on the Project menu and drop it in the space vacated by the Files command.
    When the menus have been modified as above, it is not necessary to have the AddIn toolbar visible.

    Microsoft Windows Live Messenger will not load and Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer Reports:
    Faulting application msnmsgr.exe, version 14.0.8117.416, time stamp 0x4bc935af, faulting module WLDCore.dll, version 14.0.8117.416,time stamp 0x4bc93503, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00002ee5
    Remove this key (and all the historic users) from the registy HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger\PerPassportSettings\
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    Wilmott Online Technical Forum For Derivative Experts
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    Java Derivatives Application Jar File (Object Tag)  Bond Value Calculator

    Montego Shopping Cart   Cut Red Tape Software   Darren Webb C.V.Resume
    Darren Webb C.V.Resume
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    Unix Thread Attributes   Unix Thread Examples   Unix Threads Basic Theory Libraries  Unix Thread Synchronization
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    Derivatives   Glossary   Option Terms   CS Complex Swaps   CS Compound Options   CS Contingent Premium Options
    CS Credit Derivatives   CS Derivative-linked securities  CS Digital options   CS Forwards   CS Multi-factor options   CS Vanilla Options   CS Vanilla swaps   FX Forwards   Quick Java   EJB Tutor  

    Project Logs   Leadership Skills   The Mechanics of Motivation   Project Management   How To Plan, Organise and Control   Rational Unified Process   Management Techniques   Leading A Group   Planning And Forecasting   Designing The Organisation Structure   Organisational Faults   Project Leader Job Title  

    Java, JavaScript and Win32 Clients   Interface Definition Language   Introduction To Model Paradigm   Diagram Of Entity Relationships   Java Merlin Patch
    Price Models Downloads  frameContent/contenthome2.htm  frameContent/contenthome3.htm  frameContent/contenthome4.htm  frameContent/contenthome5.htm  frameContent/contenthome6.htm  dHTML OnLine Training

    Company/company.aspx  Calendar Works   Company Duties   Director's Responsibility  Duties of a Company Secretary  Terms and Conditions For Professional Services  Purchase Order Terms  Director Service Agreement
    Company Dividends   Tax Rates   Company/pension.htm  Company/company.htm  Company/legal.htm   Company/montego.htm  Company/MOO.htm  

    Educate/educate.aspx  African Wild Life   Elephant   Lion   Rhinoceros   Cheetah   Buffalo
    English Monarchs   Monarchy List   Solar System   UK Rivers   Jokes
    Forests   Beech   Hawthorn   Hornbeam   Oak   Exercises

    Epping/council.htm   Epping/shopsort.htm   Epping/shoplist.aspx   Epping/Tax.htm   Epping/town_map.htm   Epping/ehslower.htm   Epping/ehsnorth.htm   Epping/ehssouth.htm   Epping/ehsupper.htm   Epping/ehs_0001.htm  

    Use The Registry Editor

    Select Run and enter: regedit

    "I had this same problem in IE where when you open it, 
    it shows about:blank in the Address bar and shows a search page that takes you to searchx.cc. 
    But I finally found the fix. 
    I had run Adaware 6 and it removed it temporarily, 
    but it kept coming back after a few hours or days. 
    It somehow kept re-infecting my machine.
    After many hours of hard work, I finally figured out how to remove it for good. 
    The key to removing this is the registry key called
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\AppInit_DLLs
    You have to remove this key. The value of this key may look blank for you, but it is not. 
    They hide the value so you can't see it. 
    This registry key tells Windows to load the trojan DLL every time 
    any application is run giving it complete control to do whatever it wants. 
    So you need to remove it so that the trojan DLL cannot load and keep re-infecting your pc. 
    The way to remove the registry key is not obvious. 
    If you just delete it from regedit, 
    since the trojan DLL is loaded, it will re-add it right back. 
    (Delete the AppInit_DLLs registry key and hit F5. 
    Notice that it's added right back by the trojan). 
    So what you have to do is the following which worked for me.
    1. Rename the HLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows folder to Windows2.
    2. Now delete the AppInit_DLLs key under the Windows2 folder.
    3. Hit F5 and notice that AppInit_DLLs does not come back.
    4. Rename the Windows2 folder back to Windows.
    Now that AppInit_DLLs is gone, run the latest Adaware 6 to remove the trojan for good. 
    Reboot your machine. 
    Check the registry and make sure AppInit_DLLs is still gone. 
    Your computer should be free of this for good now."

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