Standard Colour Table ( model javascript code in source )

Double Clicking On First Colour Name or Color Code Performs AZ ShellSort. The form below allows group swapping
From To Double Click To Apply Colour double click on these: copy (ctrl-C) and click into edit box then paste (Ctrl-V).
000066 000066 000066 000066 FF4D50 FF4D50 FF4D50 FF4D50 beaaf5 beaaf5 beaaf5 beaaf5
000066 000080 000099 0000cc 333333 336666 336699 4455aa 5555ff 660099  666644 669999 6699cc 6699ff 6969cb 808000 860d96 89b6b6 909090 999933 
a0a0a0 a7ccf6 aabbcc beaaf5 bfbfd8 c0c0c0 caffff cc0000 cccc66 cccccc  cce1e1 cddfff d0d0d0 da00e0 ddeeff eeeeee efefef F0F0F0 
f5beaa F9F9F9 ff0000 ff0066 FF3396 FF4D50 ff90ff ffee99 ffff33 ffffcc  ffffdd 

Java Script Colours

Darren Webb
Development Team
Montego Data Limited
January 2010
Summary: This article () uses switchable css files

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The Son wants to decide where he wishes to live. Wants to be with his Father. Johnson J does not grant leave to apply.
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