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Trading System Message API [ Microsoft XSL Transformations(TSI_IDL_2008.XML|UpgradeReport.xslt) ] Asp.Net Studio 2012: msdn, WebCamps, Videos
    The Electronic Trading System has a scripting language that creates a low level api for messages passed over the socket.
	The scope of the parasers is to provide source code in C, C++, Java and C#
	That was extended to create a XML file and thus a message study tool page.
The Link Anchor XML Using XSL tries to load a browser window.
Various documentation samples and ideas.
Most of the files have code stored as remarks.
This <div> uses a class: ".popOut { position: absolute; visibility: hidden; border: 1px outset green;background-color: THISTLE;}". The div is inside a td in a vanilla table.
hello world

hello world

The design of the site is Pages, IFrames and Frames. Pages are [htm,html,cshtml,jsp] IFrames are the JavaScript Windows and can contain any of the above pages. Frames are a more structured layout where for example you can widen the "west frame".
Shows various ways of managing projects.
The documents are available under JavaScript Tabbed Windows
The standard viewing choice is Html Pages.

  1. The first item is vanilla scaffolding ( model, view, controller from Visual Studio Dialogs).
  2. The second item extends by using a view model to support a DataSet. [html5 input types].
  3. The third item shows filtered table select to save in a dozen or so lines of knockout/html code.
  4. The fourth item shows a view model with multiple record submit.
  5. The fifth item a knockout extention of the second item, could save all the edited categories and products in one form post.
  6. The sixth item shows bespoked Razor html Helpers and the older DataBase responsibility compared with Entity Framework.
  7. The seventh to ninth samples are basically the same with varying degrees of data type support.
  8. They are all SignalR RealTime Database Updates as Each Character Is Typed.
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The main Continueous Care Table [D_CareCC]
has the following columns: ContractNo, CoreCode, MarketNo, Title, Review, Description,
Summary, Flag, Ratings, Cost
Excel Files are exported to /DownloadFiles and imported from /UploadFiles
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MVCWeb Api

Sectional Tours On The Site
  • Project Management: Waterfall and Iterative Process
  • Education: African Wild Life Pictures
  • Derivative Pricing: Introduction
  • Small Company: Calendar Works
  • KnockOut / SignalR: Form Entry, Grid: Paging, Sorting and Validation [Holding Table]
  • KnockOut / SignalR: Select For LookUp Table [D_Contract/D_MarketTypes]
  • KnockOut / SignalR: Select For LookUp Table [D_CareCC/D_CareActions]
  • Scaffolding Version: One Table Management [Holding]
  • Scaffolding Version: DataSet [NorthWind Categories and Products]
  • KnockOut Table Listing and Scaffold Editing [Game]
  • KnockOut Model JSON Data From Server [Gift]
  • Categories and Products Using KnockOut Model JSON Data From Server [Category/Products]
  • NorthWind Paged Supplier Grid: HtmlHelpers
  • Sectional Tours On The Site
    The Site is being upgraded to Framework 4.5 Using KnockOut SignalR (Visual Studio 2012). (Windows Server 2008 R2) or (Windows Server 2012) is needed for SignalR
    Visual Studio 2012: Model View Controllers; JSON, KnockOut, SignalR, Entity Framework 5.0 SignalR Knockout Sort and Modify
    Java Chess Board - Subject to your Java Security
    JavaScript Chess Board
    Java Script Chess Game Player
    dynamicTab: showyear.htm
    dynamicTab: keystroke.htm
    dynamicTab: contentScroll.htm
    dynamicTab: coolcursor.html
    Scripting: Vertical.html
    [ Cart Editor (NorthWind: Products By Category) ]
    [ Cart Editor (ShopName : different json view model) ]
    [ ko - Two View Models: FilterGrid and CartEditor ]
    [ Editor: ko view model Northwind Products By Category ]
    [ Display: ko view model Northwind Products By Category ]
    [ jQueryUI datepicker Binding ]
    [ jQueryUI Table Sorter ]
    [ Cinema Gif Swapper On A Timer (jQuery) ]
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    Export SqlServer Database Table D_CareCC To Excel Spreadsheet
    Import Excel Spreadsheet To SqlServer Database Table D_CareCC
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