The Form uses Html.EditorFor() which does *not* support nested <table><td id='unique' >.
<input id="Column1" value="r1c1"><input id="Column2" value="r1c2">
<input id="Column1" value="r2c1"><input id="Column2" value="r2c2">
Is Posted As Follows: "Column1" == "r1c1,r2c1" "Column2" == "r1c2,r2c2"
As such form POST provides comma separated data, which means if a comma is also data the form cannot *safely* save. The program is silent about not taking action (comma in data): RedirectToAction("/Edit/" + id.ToString()); To test this put a comma in Product Name, Press Save and the form is returned minus your changes.
Note: The Supplier Company Name, which is actually a foreign key child of Product although in this form is not changed. The Category Controller ignores that column.


Product NameSupplierQuantityPerUnitUnitPriceUnitsInStockUnitsOnOrderReorderLevelDiscontinued

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