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The 'Tab Widget' JavaScript Window uses the /DynamicTab/TabWidget.htm with query-string parameters. Firstly a simple form is loaded as the initial tab, that form is then shown partially over three tabs. Secondly another form is loaded in the final tab. In the cases of form splitting a tree menu is not shown, tree menu display is optional.
Finally this JS Window binds to the click Menu System under Options. (but does not bind to the Trading System Callback).
This <div> uses a class: ".popOut { position: absolute; visibility: hidden; border: 1px outset green;background-color: THISTLE;}". The div is inside a td in a vanilla table. The menusystem.css is also included as is Sample1.css. Look at the right hand side of this display and see when the words wrap and move onto the next line. Test: Open say Search Site and drag beyond vertical page size. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z.
["f1.htm", "../FrameWest/MainMenu.htm", "Basic Form", "54", "y", "30", ""],
["f1.htm",  "", "Split Form Page One",  "100", "n", "", "FNAME¦EQUIPMENT¦CHAPTERS"],
["",        "", "Form Page Two",        "100", "n", "", "MUSIC¦SPORT¦TRAVEL¦DETAILS¦PASSWORD"],
["",        "", "Form Page Three",      "100", "n", "", "R1¦R2¦R3¦R4¦COMMENT"],
["contentScroll.htm", "../FrameWest/MainMenu.htm", "User Form", "54", "n", "30", ""]
The 'Project Logs' display the "Design,Change,Defect,Ideas,System" project logging categorisation as Tabs.
The Selection Project Logs from the Menu Tree displays the log system in one Web Page.
This JSWindow binds to the click menu system on the page.
'Frame Display' shows the FrameSet Pages as a Tab Solution but uses a different frame content Page and has an additional Tab.
'Montego Data Store Shop' This is an aspx simple shopping cart. Sends a zip file to the email address and 'staff'. Writes the 'Order' to the database.
'IceSave and Tim Club' A collection of people profiles, they are all tall stories with some truth.
'Java File Reader Applet' The idea is that your page structure is rigid but with dynamic stories. Essentally Injecting Html5 into a page.
'Pricing' This loads a Web Page that is a container for a Java Jar File that prices a range of derivative options. Select the File Menu to pick model in an mdi child window.
'Content Site Programming Page','contentCode.htm',
'jQuery and KnockOut Page' Another Tab Solution Description in the tree IFrame loading solutions into the data IFrame.
'Site Frame Help', '../Help/location2.htm',
'ScrumBoard', '../Manual/jQ_CodeScrumBoard.htm',
'Server Variables', '../WebForms/server.aspx'
'dHTML Controls', '../Dynamic/FormWidget.htm',
'JavaScript Windows', '../Help/Page0002.htm',
'Silverlight Help', '../Help/SilverManual.htm', In this session, you will learn how to get started with ASP.NET MVC 4.
We'll start with a new project, add in data access with Entity Framework Code First,
build out some business logic and client-side interaction,
and deploy it using Windows Azure Web Sites.
But we are not done there: you'll see how new features in ASP.NET MVC,
Entity Framework migrations and Visual Studio 2012 help you to gracefully handle site updates.
'Help About Page', '../Help/about.html',
'WaterFall' Is an introduction page to Project Management,
The WaterFall Process is then compared to the preferred Iterative Process
'Contract Search', '../Resources/jobhunt.htm',
'Site Search', '../frameWest/find.htm',
  1. IT professional, software developer, architect, designer, teamleading,
  2. visual c++, java, javascript, visual c#,
  3. ASP.NET .NET MVC 3 Web API Razor HTML5 CSS3 WCF SQL jQuery knockout AJAX SignalR
  4. options, bonds, swaps, futures, derivatives, monetary, credit, equity, fixed income
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
SignalR requires: Windows Server 2008R2 | Windows Server 2012 | Windows 8 ; FrameWork 4.0 (inplace 4.5) ; Internet Explorer 10 | Google Crome | Opera.
In Model,View,Controller terms the Hub is a Controller but you can use a Hub within a WebApi.
SignalR can run under various hosts, it is possible to have a SignalR Hub with XAML for example.
The point of SignalR is a shared Web Page Experience. Either Open Two Browsers Or Two JSWindows which has the same effect.
If you open the two sub-hostings one wobbles one does not. That is due to jsWindows handling right margin

I am not sure I would trust this man with a computer
but I sure would trust him with a guitar.

Table sorting with a jQuery PlugIn

StackOverflow and this site do not allow sub-Hosting (loading another site in a frame or iframe)


This KnockOut! sample shows two examples of ko.applyBindings(viewModel)
ko.applyBindings(vm, document.getElementById("FindAndEdit"));
var aCart = new Cart();
ko.applyBindings( aCart, document.getElementById("CartEditor") );


NorthWind KnockOut JSON Shape dbServer

  • Right Mouse Click or clicking [Current Tour] brings up an additional tablet menu for JavaScript Windows.
  • The Menu System above under OptionsWindows also has Cascade and Tile.
  • The JavaScript Windows Ribbon Supports drag by combining a Hold Left Mouse Down.
  • The JavaScript Windows Ribbon Supports (minimize/restore) (mazimize) and (close).
  • The JavaScript Windows Status Supports (resize): Hold Left Mouse Down, begin dragging when engaged Release Left Mouse; Left Mouse Click to end Resize.
  • Some of the JSWindows bind to the menu display under Options. Useful when you want to bring a JSWindow into focus.
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Scroll-Bars and Browsers: On this page JSWindows replaces a Right Margin = "18px"; with a 1px Margin.
The slider has marginRight as well but as JSWindows does not know of its existance in the document the slider right margin is not toggled.
Internet Explorer 10, Google Crome, Opera
Animate this element's margin-left style property. There are three custom styles and four different methods. Each click method needs a style sheet. This jQuery routine is not scroll-bar aware.