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Item #VC-DLL-001
Visual C++ Tools - Visual C++ Utility Classes In A Dynamic Linked Library
11-Jan-2002Price 49.95
Item #XLS-001
Excel Spreadsheets - Wage and Inland Revenue Calculations and Returns
13-Jan-2002Price 74.95
Item #HTML-001
Manual For Excel Spreadsheets - Manual For Wage and Inland Revenue Calculations and Returns
13-Jan-2002Price 9.95
Item #JCOC-001
Java Currency Option Calculator - Currency Options Calculators Written In Java
27-Nov-2001Price 39.95
Item #ASP-SC-001
Shopping Cart - Active Server Pages, Gifs and Access Database for a Shopping Cart
29-Jul-2000Price 19.95
Item #JS-001
Java Script Utilities - Menu System, Password Items and Site Building Scripts [n/a]
27-Nov-2001Price 34.95
Item #J-001
Java Utilities - Sundry Java Utilities [n/a]
27-Nov-2001Price 27.95
Item #WD-MW-001
Management Whitepapers - Theoretical Whitepapers on the principles of Management [n/a]
27-Nov-2001Price 14.95
Item #WD-PD-001
Project Deliverables - Work Sheets to describe project staging for contractors and consultants [n/a]
27-Nov-2001Price 5.95
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