About Site Page

This WebSite was first created in 1997 based on an anchor tree that is still in use today.
A number of the techniques from an Online Realtime Electronic Trading System are also on the site.
There are some sections aimed at seven to twelve year olds written at the time for my daughters.
It was hosted in North America on an ethical web host, now somewhere in the UK.
There are many business,money and programming sections.

Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Server 2008r2 / 2012 to me represent a new high quality point from Microsoft.
It has been a long time since Visual Studio 6.0 and Office Professional 2000

Currently the site is developing a Model View Controller, SignalR, KnockOut, JSON, Razor flavour but you can still run into some Active Server Pages.

The site has a 100MB ( yes you read that right ) size limit.
The Right Mouse Click is always a great place to find a back page selection.
Above all the site is a hobby and skills library. It does not have by intent a consistent Corporate layout.