The Trading System Interface as part of its class generation creates a custom xml schema. These are the interal messages.
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Currency Options, Bonds, Futures, Forwards.
Holding: Page GridHolding Table DataHolding Bank SummaryContract Tables    SignalR is a real time multi browser experience. It is best to open two browsers side by side.
jQuery Ajax Json
A Knockout View Model using a Razor DropDownList allows edit and save of a database record. Utilises ajax and controllers.
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Accordian/Menu jQuery Plugin KnockOut View Model Data from a file.
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jQuery and HTML5

Complete detail of knockout data methods. ▶Two Knockout Forms
The Educate Section is the main static content for the site. ▶The African Big Five

Chess Pages
Two Game Loading Samples and Two Piece Moving Samples. Load local PGN Files For Replay.
Supplier Multi Page Grid
This Is The Classic Northwind Database Supplier Table.
Entire Database Viewer
Given A Connection String, every thing else is generic, uses jquery-ui to drag and size the table wrappers.
Asp Web Pages Start
Dynamic Directory List Open a Folder Tree and click on a Html Pages ▶Control:Directory List Displays the site images. Excel Table Export  Copy Records From SqlServer Data Table
Choice Directory List Open a Folder Tree and click on a Html Pages ▶Various HTML Pages Displays the site manual pages.
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These items are basic Scaffold (Controllers,Models,Views)
  1. NorthWind Category/Products: Scaffold extended - DataTable to DataSet, Saves Back to DB
  2. NorthWind Category: KnockOut - Whole Model in json [Category/KnockOut]
  3. Holding: Scaffold - Bank Account: Controller,Model,Views
  4. Pricing: KnockOut - Prices: SignalR, Knockout: Two Column Table Filter
  1. Legal Page - Similiar to About Page, return by selecting Back.
  2. [Calendar:Details/ID] Easy Details Razor - View Models Data and Repository
  3. [Decorated:Index] Easy Generic RazorHeader and Data From the DataTable Model
  4. [Decorated:Details/ID] Easy Details Razor - View Models Data and Repository
  5. NorthWind Supplier: Paged Grid - ajax, controllers, htmlHelpers
  6. GiftShop: DBContext To KnockOut Model - Mutiple Record Kockout/Ajax Submit
  7. Arbitrage: Price Modelling - Arbitrage Complex Model Display
  8. broken link deprecated follows
  9. Product Ajax KnockOut [id] - Repository Sample
  10. Care Index - Simple Sorting
Pricing Models The ubiquious option formula originates from Black-Scholes 1973. Other Models Covered: Black, Garman, Binomial, Merton, Asset, Barrier, LookBack, Average Asian, Whaley, Binary, Compound, Rainbow, Quanto, Forward Rate Agreement, FX Forward, Monte Carlo, Bonds, Convertible Bonds.
Along with the tools for: Volatility Indicator, Implied Volatility, Historic Volatility, Bond Value Calculator.
Java Binomial Pricing Model Java Jar Range Of Pricing Models ExcelExcel VBA Models download Learn more ...
  Logo: jsWindows for Framework 4.5
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Forms Pages MVC Web Api     SignalR
This is a display of jsWindows IFrame Container
The Windows can be dragged (click on the caption) and resized (bottom right of the window). The top right buttons are Minimize (resize), Maximize and Close.
The library doesnotuse jQuery or jQueryUI.
The JavaScript Windows way of viewing data were written for a Real Time Server Push On Line Electronic Trading System.
The simple usage is a wrapper around anIFrame.
The next level of Java Script Windows can appear in a menu system and accept server callbacks.
A final refinement is to present many IFrames within a Tab or Menu Selection.