NorthWind Supplier Grid View: Using a MvcHtmlString HtmlHelper extention

This is an Item Selecting Grid where the tools to find the record are below by: A search; Column Ordering, Page Sizing and Movement. The Selected Item is returned by Form to a Controller Method. In this sample a RedirectResult is used to change the Page to index.htm?&key= , displaying querystring.
The jQuery syntax:
$.post( url, supplierInquiryRequest, function (data, textStatus) { SupplierInquiryComplete(data); } );
when url = "/Supplier/SupplierInquiry";
This will work in Visual Studio, but does *not* work if your localhost website is like http://localhost/MYWEBSITE.
url = top.location.href + "/SupplierInquiry";
On the otherhand works in Visual Studio, localhost as above and http://www.MYWEBSITE
It follows that finding the urls of gifs, relatively (in all three cases) is an issue.
Tags: Model, View, Controller, jQuery: $.post() $.Ajax({});  Json, MvcHtmlString, HtmlHelper

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